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On the one hand, I really want to take part in some writing challenges. I thought pretty hard (okay, not really) about doing the 52 short stories in 52 weeks one but then I looked at the prompts and I realized I couldn't write those prompts. Well, alright, the whole point of a writing challenge is to just write. And to have something to write about. But the thing is that I already have fic ideas that I really want to work on and I kind of hated the idea of spending time writing other stuff when I should probably use that time to actually write out the stories I've been wanting to for at least a year. And yet, those stories won't come. Why.

Okay, I think maybe what I'll try to do is this: one short story per month. Any length, even just a 100-word snippet. Maybe even just a small scene or a couple of lines from one of the story ideas I have. Anything. As long as I write something. Because I do think the only way I'll get better at writing is if I keep practicing. So, that's gonna be my writing/fandon goal this year. Write something every month.

...and it's already almost the end of the first month. *SIGH*
As an interesting spin on procrastination, I am putting off writing anything for my current WIPs by plotting out new fics. Which I will never have time to write. *headdesk*

Discipline and motivation, where art thou?
I'm so bad at managing multiple accounts, hah, but here are my zombie fics. The first part of the first fic (i.e., the only one I had intended to write at all until it multiplied like zombies are wont to do) was written in just a couple of hours on the morning after Halloween. It was seriously the fastest I had ever written and posted anything.

I wonder if you ever see the sun (3639 words) by anecdotalist
Chapters: 2/2
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Zayn Malik/Liam Payne
Characters: Zayn Malik, Liam Payne
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, zombie!Zayn, firefighter!Liam, kind of major character death except not really, because it happened before the story and it's how Zayn became a zombie, but it's all good now, this is just filled with silliness, and it's unbeta'd just to warn you
Series: Part 1 of Zombie Take-Over

"Nice costume, mate, but you're a bit late for Halloween, aren't you?"

The zombie - man - scowled and lifted a bag and shook it; Liam could hear the rattle of presumably a full bag of candy. "Already got tons here, don't I? You knock on people's doors and all they want to do is shove sugary sweets at you and tell you to go away. I need your help."

"Oh, okay. Did your car break down? You need to call for a lift or something?" But as he peered around the other man, Liam could see that the street was empty.

"No. I wish it was that simple. I woke up in the graveyard last night. I think I'm a zombie."


Liam wakes up the morning after Halloween to find a zombie knocking on his door. Just a cute little ficlet.

Update 12/4/2014: Added a new chapter! I'm working on a companion piece which will be posted separately but at this point, I don't anticipate adding any more to this one so I'm calling it completed.

Update 1/17/2015: Now part of a series! Check out the companion fic/sequel - The Life and Times of Zayn the Zombie.

Sequel is under the cut )
So I've been working on a zombie fic for the past couple of months and like, I'm having a lot of fun with it but I don't know how bad it is that I really don't have much background knowledge about it. On the one hand, I feel like everyone who writes a vampire story creates their own vampire lore - in some books, sunlight hurts/kills them but in others, it doesn't affect them; in some books, garlic affects them and in others, it doesn't. So why can't I create my own zombie lore, right? I hope that's how it'll come across to my readers, anyway.

I love supernatural stuff but usually it's vampires, werewolves, witches, and shifters. Not zombies. I don't think I've ever read a book about zombies, though I have read several zombie apocalypse fics which are usually from the perspective of humans fighting off zombies. The only zombie movie I've seen was the Will Smith one - what was it...oh, I Am Legend (thanks, IMDB) - and I couldn't watch half of it because the shaky hand-cam effects were making me nauseous. I also wanted to watch Walking Dead but same problem (what's with all the shaky effects in zombie movies/shows?). I've been meaning to watch World War Z but haven't gotten around to it yet. But yeah, I think that's it. And then one day, I decide I want to write a zombie fic. Where did that even come from? Lol.

And now, after 11,000 words (and it feels like I've been writing this forever, how in the world do people write novels???), I think I'm nearing the end except that I woke up this morning with an idea for a zombie apocalypse follow-up fic, set in my universe where basically zombie-ism is like a chronic condition that's managed by regular doses of brains. Ugh, what am I getting myself into?
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