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Some of the zombie apocalypse fics I mentioned reading in my last post:

Good Thing At A Bad Time by scottmcniceass
Fandom: 1D | Pairing: Ziam | Summary: Zayn prefers to be on his own. It's easier to survive when you don't have to worry about anyone else. Liam leads a large group of people that have taken residence in an abandoned prison. When Zayn wakes up in a prison cell, all he can think about is finding a way out. Liam makes him want to stay.

Just Like Last Tuesday, Except With Zombies by angel-dawes
Fandom: Glee | Pairing: Puckerberry | Summary: Lima is infested with zombies, and McKinley High's glee club, along with guest judge Emma Pillsbury, hole up inside the school to combat the blood-thirsty hordes.

Miles to Go Before I Sleep by mothermedusa20
Fandom: Big Bang Theory | Pairing: Sheldon/Penny | Summary: Sheldon prepares for everything- zombies, restaurant closures, and power outages. He also plans for the apocalypse by packing survival kits for each of his friends, including a certain neighbor across the hall. When the unthinkable finally happens, Penny is separated from those who can help her most until she finds a series of letters from Sheldon in the compartments of her bag. Slowly, she realizes her genius neighbor knows more than he’s ever been given credit for and that there is more to their relationship than she ever thought possible.

Hm, that's all I have in my bookmarks. Weird, I could have sworn there was an SPN one but the apocalypse fics I have for that are demons, not zombies. Oh well. Happy reading! If anyone's got any to rec, please do so! I'm always looking out for new fics and I read tons of fandoms.
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