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Short version: I loved it. Really like where they decided to go with it.

So I had no idea what they were going to do for this season or how they were going to end the show but bringing everyone back to Lima where it all started? I didn't think I wanted to see them back there again but it turns out that I do. It was so great and so wonderfully nostalgic, though I suppose that's exactly what they were going for. I loved that they brought back all of the original cast, loved that they brought back the Warblers (and their cover of Sing), loved the Rachel + Blaine bff-ness and the Rachel + Kurt bff-ness, loved Rachel's cover of Let It Go.

I really liked the New York setting for the older cast but I think they moved too fast for it to make sense. It would have been a better setting if it had taken place a couple more years down the line (so, them in their early to mid-twenties, trying to make it in the Big Apple, instead of them at age 18 moving from small town to big city and getting everything they want - it just wasn't believable). I would still love to see a spin-off with Blaine, Rachel, and Kurt in NYC but when they're older. So for now, I'm glad they brought everyone back to where it all started.

I was not expecting the Blaine/Karofsky thing (honestly wasn't sure we were going to see Karofsky back on the show) but I don't hate it. I am fully expecting Blaine/Kurt to be endgame but tbh, I didn't like where their relationship was going in the past two seasons and the power imbalance between them. So they're going to really have to revamp the relationship before I get back on board with it (I'd almost rather they stay separated but I'm pretty sure the show will end with the original pairings intact - e.g., Puck and Quinn had gotten back together, Santana and Brittany got back together - because that's just how television works).

I do hope Rachel stays single at the end, focusing on her career and her future. I wouldn't be opposed to her dating someone else but with only half a season, they're gonna have a hard time introducing any new male romantic leads and making it someone we like.

Oh, I also loved the new Glee Club members. I felt like the second generation of New Directioners were too much of a rip-off of the original glee club (it was like everyone was just somone's mini-me; not enough originality) but these students seem to have different characterizations and backstories. And their voices are different so that's good.

Hm, what else. Oh, I did not like that Rachel's dads were divorcing. :( Oh, and I hope Blaine doesn't stay mad at Rachel. I really love their friendship and their duets. I love their voices together so I want them to sing a lot more together before the show ends.

I guess that's it for my initial impressions. Basically, I loved it and now I'm feeling all nostalgic about the show. I have hopes that it'll have a great final season.
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